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Testimonials From Our Happy Practice Members
Thank you so much for saving the day with my guard.  I just can't believe that you had my guard saved for me!  You have won my business and my referral forever.  Thank you again.  Much Love, L.R.
Dear Dr. Shahani and John,

Your kindness makes the world a brighter place!  I will enjoy your garden cucumbers, and am sincerely grateful for John's special delivery.  My prayer is that God blesses all your days with happiness and good health.  Warm regards,  D.
I found myself in the misfortune of needing extensive dental work and was referred to Shenandoah Smiles by my dentist.  Dr. Shahani and staff are courteous and professional.  Dr. Shahani took the time to explain my x-rays in detail and then proceeded to explain all of my treatment options.  She worked with my orthodontist and oral surgeon to coordinate a plan and maintained constant contact with them through the duration of my treatment.  I am extremely pleased with the outcome and plan to continue with Dr. Shahani for all routine dental care.  TSJ (text copied for the Google bots :>))
Thanks so much for being my dentist and my friend for with your talent and gifts I am able to smile again.  JC
Transcript:  I hope you will enjoy this book as much as I enjoy giving it to you.  You've been kind to me.  I thank you so much.  I pray God will bless you and yours where ever you travel.  Thank you.  RH
Transcript from the letter above:  If you are having dental issues I highly recommend Dr. Shahani.  Dr. Shahani goes the extra mile, in my opinion, to help you.  She really cares about her work and about you as a person.  I have an upper plate and lower crowns and implants.  I have been very satisfied with her work. 
When I was new to Harrisonburg and needed a dentist for my routine check-up, I went straight to the dental insurance plan's list of preferred providers and chose a group practice. I visited twice, never knew who I was going to see, and ended up having a lot of recommended work done. To my dismay a large part of the claim was rejected by the insurer. I was not treated like an individual but rather was shuffled from station to station to get me through to the end as quickly as possible.

I decided to see Dr. Shahani at Shenandoah Smiles, even though she did not participate in any insurance plans. I found for the first time ever in my life that going to the dentist can be a positive experience! Dr. Shahani did my cleaning and exam personally. The advanced procedures that she uses resulted in a pain-free, bloodless cleaning. She has state-of-the-art equipment for x-rays. Not only did she get to know everything about my teeth, she worked with me, respecting my preferences for treatment. Finally, she crafted an occlusal guard for me to wear at night to help correct a tongue thrust and teeth grinding. The guard fit perfectly by the end of the visit.

No work was done until all charges were thoroughly explained to me by Dr. Shahani and then the practice manager. An insurance claim for reimbursement of eligible expenses was submitted on my behalf. Did I end up paying a little more than I would have with a participating dentist from my insurance plan? Sure, but it was worth it. I plan on keeping these teeth for life. Dr. Shahani has given me the time and personalized attention that I have needed to do just that.

JK    April 14, 2016
This letter was received November 9, 2014 from a kind patient who wishes to remain anonymous.
Below is a transcript from the letter above...

From my first set of dentures in 2001, followed by two additional sets, I endured nine unhappy years dealing with ill-fitting, painful, and less than effective teeth.  My food choices were severely limited and and I dreaded the sight of my own reflection in the mirror.

As a last resort, I decided to try one last time and was blessed to be referred to Purnima Shahani DDS, MS. 

Starting with my initial consultation in Sept. 2010 through the final fitting of my new dentures in Dec. 2010, Dr. Shahani worked magic!  Her patient, compassionate and unbelievable artistic skills have finally restored my mouth to a comfortable, working part of my life with a more positive self-image and enjoyment of my favorite foods.  

As I approach the end of my first year since discovering Shenandoah Smiles, I continue to be overwhelmingly grateful for my "new life."  and my heart thanks Dr. Shahani every day!

D.L. 2011
dan ‎ - Oct 28, 2009
Great service, great staff, great prices. I had my first appointment today with Dr. Shahani and I wouldn't go to anyone else in the valley! I heard her prices were high, but that was not my experience. The prices were competitive and fair, I even got a discount. I was seen very promptly by a staff who were very professional and courteous. I was shown X-rays and other imaging on a projection screen in the comfort of the dentist chair, It made it easier to understand and re-enforced my confidence in Dr. Shahani to understand and see what she saw. My cleaning was done with both a water-jet and traditional paste application and I don't know if my teeth have ever been whiter! The entire process was completely painless and comfortable. I learned from the comments and explanations and couldn't see how anyone who wasn't a dentist wouldn't. I'd say I'm a very good judge of character and I felt not only comfortable with Dr. Shahani and her staff, but also welcome. How often does anyone really feel welcomed by a business anymore? Dentistry can be expensive. I wouldn't take into consideration some comments that Shenandoah Smiles is too expensive or "out of line with what others charge" because, while it's impossible to see their situation, prices found on wiki-whatever are not an expert quote. I'd recommend Shenandoah Smiles to anyone

In just a few months Dr. Shahani was able to solve and fix a problem I have had for many years. After going to many dentists, here in Harrisonburg as well as in another state, all they were able to do was give me a temporary fix while the problem continued to get worse.  I then heard about Dr. Shahani and went to see her.  With her no nonsense approach to dentistry I am happy to say that it is a pleasure to eat and enjoy food again.  I am so very grateful to Dr. Shahani for her care and for caring so much.

E.C. 2006