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This happy patient and her recent smile upgrade brought us all joy at Shenandoah Smiles.  She is a light and upbeat spirit who has left behind years of self conscious thoughts about her teeth.  To top it off, she looks years younger.  Thanks Dr. Shahani!  To find out more about how we can give you your smile back, check out this Webpage.
This lovely patient is from Harrisonburg.  She had to use a lot of denture adhesive before she met Dr. Shahani.  She was always afraid her denture would fly out when she was talking or eating.  Now her dental situation is rock solid and Dr. Shahani loves being her dentist.  When you reach 80 years old, it becomes even more important to eat and chew what you want.  It is one of the small joys in life.  To find out more about how we can give you your smile back, check out this Webpage.
This dentistry was recently completed in our Harrisonburg office.  Dr. Shahani was able to improve the aesthetics with this patient's problem implant over-dentures.  The dentures are held in by the implants but the patient can remove them every night for cleaning.

The Rebuilding of Mr. Lovely's Beautiful Smile

Dr. Shahani at Shenandoah Smiles, your Harrisonburg dentist, would like to share a fun case she treated with you. This is a patient of hers who had a history of throat cancer in the past. Part of his treatment included radiation to his head and neck. Patients like this have an increased risk of severe jawbone infection (osteoradionecrosis) following surgical procedures to the jaws. So we had to accomplish the restoration of his dental function and aesthetics without resorting to extractions or implant placements. He had deferred the needed treatment for some time, but newer discomfort on a lower molar and advanced breakdown of his lower front teeth made him finally decide to "bite the bullet" (pardon the pun!).

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