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Premium Personalized Custom Dentures

Your perfect dentures are as unique as you!

The primary focus of our denture work is the area of Personalized Dentures. This is the hand-crafted alternative to the quickly (and often thoughtlessly) fabricated “affordable dentures” on the market today.

By “hand-crafted” we mean that Dr. Shahani personally selects the appropriate denture teeth with each patient, based on multiple considerations, including their complexion, facial features, bite requirements and anatomic limitations.

Our patients have the ability to “preview” and approve the teeth and their arrangement. This can be facilitated by individuals bringing in photographs of what their natural teeth looked like.

Dr. Shahani has received specialized training in the field of Prosthodontics, by completing a three year residency program, beyond the basic undergraduate dental school training. 


This training was completed at The Virginia Commonwealth University and included techniques for the fabrication of dentures that can certainly fool the eye: these do NOT look like “your grandmother’s teeth” of years gone by!


For those having difficulty coping with years of ill-fitting dentures and the reduced bone and gum support that can take place over time, implants can now be used to fully or partially support and anchor them to the jawbone.

Our denture process is a highly customized and interactive one.  As in all services, quality work takes time, care and attention to large and small details. This is especially true for us because we partner with, and involve our patients in, the decision making process. We make certain our dentures fit well and function properly.  Post-delivery, follow-up adjustment costs are included in our initial fee quotation. Finally, we use only the finest and most durable teeth and materials available for our denture work.

At the end of the day, you are worth more than the run-of-the-mill “false teeth”. Your health, comfort, beauty, confidence and even employability can be improved with quality dentures made by Dr. Shahani.

Who needs this type of premium denture service? It must be understood that this technique is a very sophisticated method of providing denture service for our patients.

The person that wants the very best in a personalized denture procedure needs this type of treatment.

The person who has tried everything with no satisfaction with their dentures needs this service. An individual who may be considering implants to secure the lower denture must have this method of denture treatment. It is of paramount importance that ideal tooth position and a correct bite are determined before implants are placed.