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Patient-Centered Maximum Safety Standards

Digital X-ray Technology

Digital x-rays require less than half of the radiation dose needed for traditional "film based x-rays." They also provide a better opportunity for the patient to see and understand what the dentist sees.

Dust Extraction Techniques

The dust created in dental processes can be hazardous to patients and staff. We have invested in an industrial strength dust collector for use in grinding and trimming dental appliances.

Highest-Level Structural Organization

Being obsessively well-organized ensures that instruments and supplies are properly sterilized.  

Rubber Dam Procedures

A rubber dam is very important in adhesive dentistry to counteract the negative influences of saliva on bond strengths. Use of the rubber dam can provide for stronger and longer lasting restorations. It is an advantage during removal of old silver fillings because it is known that the highest levels of mercury are released from silver fillings when they are being removed. It also helps to keep instruments and other materials from being swallowed.

Hi-Tech Daily Maintenance of Dental Tubing

Dental unit waterlines are maintained daily to prevent growth of harmful bacteria (biofilms). We use a state-of-the-art approach consisting of a closed system with anti-bacterial treatments.

Plastic Barrier Protection

Plastic barriers are changed in between each patient. These cover areas on the dental chair and in the room that are touched during procedures. This is one of the most effective ways to prevent passing germs between patients. Although it costs more, we feel that it is worth the investment.